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BrickItUp! is an online platform for creating and sharing 3D models, collaboratively and real-time.

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Simple and intuitive 3D creation

3D modeling is a technique that usually requires a lot of skills and training. BrickItUp wants to make 3D creativity available to everyone by bringing it down to its core essentials, and wrapping it up in a very simple and intuitive interface.

Real-Time Collaboration

Creativity is way more fun when shared with others, and this was extremely important since BrickItUp was born. To do so, we are using state of the art client-server communication technology to enable online collaboration with your friends in true real-time.

No Plugins/Add-ons

BrickItUp is a browser-based online-only platform. It wouldn't make sense if it was otherwise. And it wouldn't make sense either if in order to make it work, you would have to download or install several add-ons and third-party software. We have taken care of that for you, and BrickItUp runs in HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL.

Export & 3D Print

3D Printing Connection

BrickItUp is a platform which focuses on the production of that 3D geometry, collaboratively and shareable. Once having that geometry, 3D printing would be as simple as developing algorithms to export that 3D information into industry standard files such as .STL or .OBJ, which can then be sent to any commercial 3D printing service or used with any DIY printer.

One-click Share!

"I share, therefore I am" Beyond creation and collaboration, BrickItUp also stresses the possibility of you being able to share your creations with the whole world. For this matter, linking to your world and having people navigate it and hangout is 'one-click' simple. Plus, we are working on making it possible to embed into other websites, blogs and social media, just wait for it!